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The New Musical “La Luna” to Launch its Season at the “Palladium” Concert Hall in December

For a decade now, the creators of the “Cabaret” project have offered concertgoers a colourful musical, continually offering up unheard of and innovative surprises. This year is no exception, because “La Luna”, a musical show rooted in the traditions of cabaret, is currently in production and is preparing for its debut.
During this new musical, the audience will be introduced to an emotionally-charged environment, prompting it to succumb to the power of freedom, its subconscious and visceral forces.

Under the moonlight everything becomes more beautiful. All that’s needed is a touch or caress…

Why are people a bit frightened by the full moon? Maybe it’s because it heightens your emotions and subconscious and arouses a fear of losing your mind that you were not previously aware of? Or perhaps it’s because people get so stirred up at this time that their dormant memories awaken? 

The team responsible for the musical show “La Luna” are currently studying perceptions of the full moon with the aim of showing that there is more than to the full moon than meets the eye. It’s a time infused with magic and mystery. All will be revealed in December! It’s the best time to liberate sexual energy, to succumb to the joys of love and a time to follow inspiration and open the storehouse which is bursting with new ideas. It’s a time when the processes of life increase under the influence of powerful vibrations and we have the chance to draw additional energy and benefit from the blossoming of the forces of life itself.

“La Luna” invites you to embark on a mysterious nocturnal walk, to sense the breath of the moon—its exciting rhythm and vibrations—which prompt wolves to howl in praise of the full roundness of the moon.

An artistic and technical team of about 50 people are working on the project, creating an event that awaits its premiere performance in December. On stage, the cabaret atmosphere will be created by singers, musicians, dancers, actors, local and overseas circus artists, mime artists and a well-known stand-up comedian. 
As usual, on “Cabaret” musical show evenings, there will be no shortage of rollicking fun, surprises or good-natured provocations!
The “La Luna” musical show evening would not be complete without the second act of the show. You and your team will have the chance to party until 3:00 a.m.

This year, food and beverages will be provided by the “Vairāk Saules” restaurant.

Table reservation: 

Ticket prices from EUR 60–80 (price includes a glass of wine and snacks).

Please send group applications to the following e-mail address: